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is this why people like me write poems telling you
about the dead - old photos with your feelings instead
and muscles on your face smeared back as if that
could help. you think quiet in the back seat -
remember looking off.

some metal tool shed had loved me, mostly.
speaks at this moment to prevent my unwiped
language admitting who could not stop crying
greasy stars mixing with the walls. somehow
those who love add some grief like a shadow
or an oil speck.

a body is unconditional,
moving in circles shouting
to someone.
you should know it’s too late for you. a piece of your street
no one saw - gradually stared long enough, orey-eyed
because someone remembered the stray dog
singing behind the roads.

each vine riding alone on the subway, claws undressing
a purple moon with an unlit cigarette. to be single,
omnify the name you might be looking for
and then dismember that thin film left
surfacing when something in common
will be crumpled in the garbage.

until one day you begin dying
and it never happened.
autumn is more than grains of wood repeating,
white stone whistling, drops of oil hearing traffic
and vanishing - a stranger who saw someone missing.

wordless is nothing shameful. decide now
if you would let a broken rain gutter stay
where there is no house.

someone’s cigarette on a driveway
saw the world to come.
empty movie drifting through wires in the trees,
and they took turns repeating:
they are small themselves.

splinters behind my eyes -
used a pocketknife without wondering how.

the whole world remembers nothing.
a system of stinking alleys rolled into the shadows,
all that is over using the next door urinal -
creations already looking down are helpless.

the man sleeping in the mountains
will go to god and take this pill,
whatever it is. morals dragged under,
show yourselves.

temptation - someone always interrupting -
read further and listen for a new way of looking
at regular drinkers coming home, still thinning
so you can forget they go to god
expecting to live alone.


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