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says the man tied to a chair -
giants looking down at their feet,
leaning on the towel rack
trying to piss fast enough
to catch the next episode on netflix
I could be one of those
whatever it is that drives
children out of their homes,
that calm stare examination
of a fake eye come to struggle.

Things one cares for in a blind
snow, though it probably still
kills some of them
if you get involved -
we are all going.

Could be one of those fence
posts capped with a stone
or lain drunk on their side,
held by that weighted dream
of rain.

I know those bad people
he hangs out with. Could
be one of those.
The corner of the vault that bothers me,
edgeless night in denial, morning
lowered from frost spears
into my motionless boat.

I am a dull beast, laughter from a face
hiding some pit of eyes, those wet holes
in the road. How deep is the rope
pulled stiff.

Our task is the cultivation of consequences,
any wish to amend our faults providing
a doubtful relief. Beware what you want,
the memories are wrong.
There is no origin story. Accidents happen. The universe is always experimenting with matter, and sometimes those minerals boil their way out of the crude rusted pots and the strung together moonshine tubes of the void. Never know what will happen when you put the wrong stardust together with all that begging to be taken power. When you didn’t ask to be stuck on the train without a ticket and there’s a thin necked conductor coming down the aisle, well - accidents happen.

And I don’t call it freedom. All that existential energy knows where it’s going - you’re just the matchstick that gets to see the flame through to its natural conclusion. And I wouldn’t say it’s a straight line. Short on a cosmic level and just as chaotic. Breaking off from that void, all those ways to fall, no shouldn’t-be is going to come out pretty. And I wouldn’t ever believe there’s no purpose when you’re on that ugly, personal road. If you carry that weight long enough, you’re going to make a reason good enough to trick yourself into going to church. You’ll worship every cat eyed misery like a starved cigarette junkie licking the ash tray. And I don’t mean to scare you, but accidents happen.

You know that spot on the wall. Maybe for you it’s the ceiling, or the floor (it’s all the same wall), but you’ll know the one. That common and comfortless spot. The one you look at when you’re seething, when you remember that you’re boiling. It’s a tongue between your rib bones and it sounds like pecking - eyelashes knocking at your door. If you were a light switch that spot on the wall would be what you are on the other side. It has a voice, and you really shouldn’t look.

There is no origin story - just an eyeless dog about to come home.
Because whoever you are in that moment
Ends. Chained to the walls,
Jaws and dull necks hanging out
Over the arm of a yellowed couch in the back
Of a green van driving through Seattle.

They were in it. They wore the bad spaces
As soldiers their rifles ready for the fall.
Memories swinging down, bright, leaping,
And mostly quiet.

Because you know you need the church
Without doors, without pews, without
Belonging to barely breathing gods mouthing
Infinity (though not to say you shouldn’t claim
some wrong turns).

Most stowaways are starless buckets,
Most still want nothing to do with mankind,
Most are told to stop looking,
Most dirt piles know me.

Whoever they were.


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